libWe have scoured the internet looking for educational material about weather and meteorology. This "Weather Wise Library" is the result.  The library is loaded with links to material about weather and paragliding.  In addition to the host of free information that is available online, there are some nice books and DVD's listed below.

The library is divided into four primary sections...

Weather A-Z This is the heart of the library, containing alphabetized links to lots of weather related subjects.
Misc. Articles Miscellaneous articles about weather and paragliding.
Books & DVD's A list of some weather related books and DVDs that PPG pilots might be interested in.
Sources These are the primary sources of information found in the library.  Visit them for additional information beyond what is found here in Weather Wise. 

Also, some of the links are noted with the following...

ppg These are the most (but not the only) relevant articles for PPGer's.

Weather A-Z...
Misc. Articles...
TITLE Source   Comments
ppg Aviation/Weather News Letters   National Weather Service   Archive of "The Front" newsletters from the NWS.  Written for pilots.
  Avoiding Cloud Suck   Steve Roti, USHPA   Mostly for pilots flying in thermal conditions.
ppg Sailing Weather in Colorado   John McGinley   Slide show targeted at Colorado Sailing. Includes lots of good weather info for Colorado pilots.
  Strange Winds   Mathew Wich   Musings about some strange winds observed in north Colorado Springs.
  Unsafe Conditions Ahead
  Mike Meier   Mike Meier's warnings about paragliding in strong winds.
  Weather to Fly Articles (ALL)   All Articles at the weather to fly web site.
Books DVDs
ppg This is the most comprehensive PPG web site on the internet.  The weather information found on this web site consists of some basic PPG safety guidelines and some excerpts from the book "Powered Paragliding Bible" written by the web site's owner and USPPA president Jeff Goin. Some nice weather photos by storm chasers.
  Lyndon State College Meteorology department of the Lyndon State College in Vermont
ppg This is the home web site for the online book "Pocket Paragliding".  There are some nice sections on Weather and Meteorology available here.
  Univ. of Illinois Very nice and comprehensive online guide to meteorology.
  usa today: weather Guys Blog Excellent online blog about weather topics hosted by  Nicely organized and uses many illustrations. Select a weather category on the left side of the blog page.
  usa today: weather resources Excellent categorized list of weather topics with good explanations and illustrations. U.S. Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association
ppg Nice web site focused on information for pilots. This site provides a long list of weather terms & questions and provides explanations for them. Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia with content provided by the general pubic.  There are lots of weather related topics covered from this site.