libWe have scoured the internet looking for educational material about weather and meteorology. This "Weather Wise Library" is the result.  The library is loaded with links to material about weather and paragliding.  In addition to the host of free information that is available online, there are some nice books and DVD's listed below.

The library is divided into four primary sections...

Weather A-Z This is the heart of the library, containing alphabetized links to lots of weather related subjects.
Misc. Articles Miscellaneous articles about weather and paragliding.
Books & DVD's A list of some weather related books and DVDs that PPG pilots might be interested in.
Sources These are the primary sources of information found in the library.  Visit them for additional information beyond what is found here in Weather Wise. 

Also, some of the links are noted with the following...

ppg These are the most (but not the only) relevant articles for PPGer's.

Weather A-Z...
  Topic Source Comments
  Air Mass   Nice photo of the earth showing the scale of an air mass.
  chinook wind (see "WIND" below)        
  Cloud Types   Lyndon State College   Lecture notes about the various cloud types including photos of each type.
ppg Cloud Types   Good list of cloud types with photos.
  Clouds & Fog (Understanding)   Nice explanation of cloud and fog basics.  Nice illustrations.
ppg Clouds 101   Cloud basics by Jeff Goin, President of the USPPA.
  Downbursts   Univ. of Illinois    
  downslope wind (see "WIND" below)        
  dry line   usatoday wx resources   Division between dry air to the west and moist air to the east.
  dry line    
  Dust Devil   Explanation of how dust devils form
ppg Flight Service    
  Fronts   Univ. of Illinois   Nicely illustrated explanations of the various types of fronts.
  Fronts   usatoday wx resources   Links to discussions of various types of fronts.
  Gust Front Pics    
ppg Gust Fronts   Univ. of Illinois    
ppg Haboob   Lyndon State College   Dust storm and source of gust fronts.
ppg Lee WavE/ROTOR    
  Lapse Rate    
  Microbursts   Univ. of Illinois    
  ppg basics   Excerpts from the online Pocket Paragliding book.  Starts on page 19. Good overview of meteorology for paraglider pilots.
    boundary layer   Lyndon State College   Material from a Boundary Layer Meteorology class.
    mesoscale   Lyndon State College   Lecture notes from Mesoscale Meteorology class.  400 level course. 
    survey of   Lyndon State College   Lecture notes from a Survey of Meteorology class.  Good stuff.
  Mountain Waves/Rotor    
  Orographic Lift    
  Outflow   Univ. of Illinois    
    high   usatoday wx resources    
    how highs & lows form    
    low   usatoday wx resources    
    understanding air pressure   usatoday wx resources    
  Skew-T Plot (how to read)   How to read Skew-T plots gathered from weather balloons.
  Squall Line    
ppg Stability   usatoday wx resources   What defines stable and unstable air.
  Surface Analysis   Help to understanding surface maps
  Temperature Inversion   usatoday wx resources   Several causes of temperature inversions discussed.
  Temperature Inversion    
  Temperature Inversion    
ppg Thermal Triggers    
ppg Thermals: 3 Part
  USHPA   Nice 3 part series discussing thermals.  Focus is primarily for unpowered paraglider pilots looking for thermals to soar in.  Good knowledge for PPGers. 
  Unstable Air Mass    
  upslope wind (see "WIND" below)        
  VAD Wind Profile Explained   See the sidebar of the page that this link takes you to.
ppg Weather Basics    
ppg Weather Safety    
ppg Weather & Wind    
  ppg All About   Excerpts from the online Pocket Paragliding book.  Starts on page 14.
    chinook/downslope   Lyndon State College   Common wind type in the eastern plains of Colorado.
    chinook/downslope   usatoday wx resources   Common wind type in the eastern plains of Colorado.
  ppg Haboob   Lyndon State College   Source of gust fronts.
  ppg Small scale & local systems   Lyndon State College   Lecture notes from a meteorology class.
    Understanding   usatoday wx resources   Good source of information about what causes winds.
    Upslope   usatoday wx resources   Common wind type in the western mountains of Colorado.
  Wind Shear    
Misc. Articles...
TITLE Source   Comments
ppg Aviation/Weather News Letters   National Weather Service   Archive of "The Front" newsletters from the NWS.  Written for pilots.
  Avoiding Cloud Suck   Steve Roti, USHPA   Mostly for pilots flying in thermal conditions.
ppg Sailing Weather in Colorado   John McGinley   Slide show targeted at Colorado Sailing. Includes lots of good weather info for Colorado pilots.
  Strange Winds   Mathew Wich   Musings about some strange winds observed in north Colorado Springs.
  Unsafe Conditions Ahead
  Mike Meier   Mike Meier's warnings about paragliding in strong winds.
  Weather to Fly Articles (ALL)   All Articles at the weather to fly web site.
Books DVDs