Most Powered Paragliding flights occur without incident.  However, serious incidents do occur and most are preventable.  The list (below) of recent weather related incidents has been compiled for two reasons: (1) to illustrate the need for caution and good decision making when choosing to fly (2) to provide pilots an opportunity to learn more about weather that is too severe for flying a PPG.

Date...   Description...
9/27/2008   Gust Front from Thunderstorm Leads to Trike Fatality - USPPA Incident Report
  Incident Discussed on PPG Radio Show - 10/2/08 Show
3/14/2008   Wing Collapse from Rotor Leads to Serious Pilot Injury - USPPA Incident Report
1/6/2008   Wing Collapse from Probable Mtn. Rotor Leads to Serious Pilot Injury (PPPPC Pilot)
9/22/2007   Mid-Day Thermal Causes Wing Collapse -
5/31/2007   Gust Front from Far Away Thunderstorm Leads to Rough Landings (PPPPC Pilots)
Date Unknown   Pilot Continues to Fly as Rough Weather Approaches - Survives Water Landing

Additional Information...
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