Being "Weather Wise" is all about understanding the weather and how is can  affect the safety of you and others.  The PPPPC pilots have become strikingly aware of the unacceptable number of weather related INCIDENTS in recent times. Paragliding is a fair-weather activity and choosing to fly in poor weather conditions has occasionally caused injury and death. As such, we have created an extensive LIBRARY and some basic decision making GUIDELINES to keep ourselves flying in the safest air possible.

Use the Navigator to the right to enter the library, view (and learn from) recent incidents, and find other weather related resources to keep us all "Weather Wise".

DISCLAIMER: We are not meteorologists or "weather experts".  The information presented under the "Weather Wise" section of our web site is not presumed to be complete and we can take no responsibility for is accuracy or how this information is used.

Fly Safe,

Storm Clouds Nearby. Turn Back to the LZ and Land!