springs east
The Springs East airport is located a little farther east of Colorado Springs than Meadowlake. This is a private airport in Ellicott Colorado. The owners of the airport have given the club verbal permission to fly there. This airport is a nice place to fly due to the large open areas and light air traffic.

USAGE RULES: [9/21/2007] Per Mike Weiden, the airport manager for Springs East Airport (A50)...  He would like us to feel free to use the airport any time we would like, to camp there whenever we want to, to use the shelter and the AC power in it, and to use the barbeque grill there any time we want.  He says he keeps the propane on the grill filled for anyone like us who would like to use it.  They regularly mow the area west of the shelter, which we can use for an LZ.  The traffic pattern is mainly to the west, so if we stay east of centerline, we can fly as high as we want and can fly over the sod farms, or wherever FAR 103 allows. See the google map for more more usage information.