mwich John Black Suffering a Wing Collapse near Colorado Springs on Jan/6/2008 (click picture for full details)

For obvious reasons the topic of safety is high on any PPGer's list of priorities. As such we have compiled this page as a resource to guide PPG pilots to good information about keeping the sport safe and enjoyable for everyone.

  • First, we have adopted our own list of Safe Flying Practices as a general safety guide for all PPG pilots.

  • Next, we recommend a visit to where discussions include:

    • Training: The importance of qualified training is discussed.
    • Incidents: The USPPA maintains a voluntary list of PPG incidents. It is useful to periodically review this list as a learning tool.
    • USPPA's Top 10: The top ten tips for a safe PPG experience.
  • Next, we recommend a visit to which has extensive discussions about PPG safety. Discussions include:

    • Comparison of PPG safety vs. other forms of flight
    • Discussions of many PPG risks including propellor strikes, wire strikes , risks to bystandards, water landings and others
    • Causes of PPG fatalities including: training, water, steep maneuvers, low flying, weather, midair collisions and others.
  • Next, check out our Weather Wise section for information about weather safety and weather related incidents

  • Finally, in the panel on the right, we have all of our safety related links, including those listed above, to a variety of interesting and/or educational places on the web.