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When Jason Williams, of JWM Productions, a producer for the History Channel, called me in the Spring of 2004, about including powered paragliding in the series premier of Digging For The Truth with host, Josh Bernstein, I volunteered immediately to demonstrate what a PPG could accomplish in shooting exciting video.

jbernstein The location was Chaco Canyon and the surrounding area in New Mexico, the former home of the ancient Anasazi Indians.  Foot launching at over 5000 feet with a really big camera, a bottle of water and my gear would be a challenge for any PPG.  Thankfully, I owned a Fly Gold 130 with a 28 horse power Simonini engine.  I had no problem getting into the air and proving that I could acquire footage that would be impossible to get with the faster, more expensive aircraft typically used in these situations.

Jason, Josh and the entire crew were ecstatic about the results and since then I've been invited to other shoots with Josh, including the Cahokia Indian Mounds and the Lost Colony of Roanoke.  Who knows where this will all lead in the future?  I'm hoping to be included in some future international location.  Only time will tell.

-Bob Peters

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